Jubilee Copse


Just behind the new skatepark, the Town Council have reformed what was the former BMX course, by planting hundreds of saplings during two Community Tree Planting sessions, part of the first stage in the development of a Woodland Copse, to commemorate the Queen's 70 Jubilee in 2022 and enhance the general environment around West Moors.

There were donations from The Woodland Trust, Dorset Council and heaps of Community Spirit.

It is hoped that this area will be used for walking, quiet reflection on the Jubilee benches located there and one day play an integral part in the lives of West Moors residents and wildlife.


The avenues of trees that were planted last year at the Copse behind the skate park, by our wonderful volunteers, Councillors and Staff, now need a little nudge to keep growing.

There was a community session held on Saturday 3rd June, but unfortunately not enough maintenance was completed. It was a HOT day and the 4 people that helped were fantastic but we need more!

What we have in the Jubilee Copse now,
wouldn’t have happened without the help
of YOU, wonderful volunteers and community
groups coming together to make a difference.

This new budding Copse needs the nurturing that the younger generation have the energy and stamina to offer!
Of course, we welcome all ages and as much of your time as you can spare.

To date (28th July 2023), we have 6 people come forward to help out so a date of Saturday 30th September has been arranged for this Community Copse work to be carried out.

Please contact the office if you can join us. Many hands make light work.

Sapling tlc morning

Please read this press release from 03.06.23