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" AskNED " (Police advice web site)

AskNED is a Non-Emergency Directory (opens in a new window), with is arranged alphabetically, that combines the questions that members of the public have asked with contact details of those who can help: in EMERGENCY, when there is a threat to life, or a crime is in progress, then call 999 and declare an emergency request.


Domestic Abuse (Help & advice)

"Paragon" ( also known as the You Trust - confusingly they keep changing what they think they are called! ) provides advice across a wide variety of social issues: in particular, they provide a 'first point of contact' for anyone suffering stalking, domestic abuse and sexual violence. A telephone help line is available - which for Dorset is 0800 032 5204: the main contact telephone number for Paragon is 01329 825 930. There is much more information on their web site.

Dorset Council have a useful page (opens in a new browser window) which collects together contact details for all organisations which specialise in providing advice, help and support for those experiencing Domestic Abuse.


Fire & Rescue ( Dorset & Wiltshire)

The web site for Dorset and Wiltshire Fire & Rescue service. In an emergency, call 999 but for other services, advice etc. telephone 01722 691 000

General advice (Domestic Violence/Abuse, Mental Health, Young people etc.)

As noted in the Domestic Abuse entry above, the YOU Trust (now more generally known as "Paragon"), a charity based across South and Southwest England, offers help and advice on a wide range of issues which include Mental Health, support for Young People, Disabilities, Homelessness, Social Care & Counselling etc. Access the YouTrust web site for a wealth of information - and if you have difficulty accessing web pages, or just want to talk to someone, use the general contact telephone number of 01329 825 930.


Police & Community Support

West Moors is part of the East Dorset Urban section provided by Dorset Police. This web site, which opens in a new window, is dedicated to providing advice & help for the local area - there are also links to the main Dorset Police site. [ See also the ' AskNED ' entry above ]
In addition, there is also a local Police Community Office in Ferndown (part-time) which also offers much useful advice - it is situated in the Barrington Centre, Pennys Walk - more information via the web page.
In EMERGENCY ( 'life threatening and / or crime in progress') call 999: For non-emergency purposes ( including crimes that have taken place but are not 'in progress' ) then call 101. You can also use the main link to report a crime / incident or contact a specific officer.


Scams & Fraud (how to spot and avoid)

Citizens' Advice: have much useful information at the following ... which opens in a new window; there is also much other useful information about the work and service provided by CA: Scams & Fraud - how to spot and avoid (Citizens Advice)
Dorset Police also provided useful advice relating to on-line security, how to spot fraudsters etc. This document can be read & printed out - put it next to your computer!